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#4 – Sunday Morning Hangover at the Saloon

Saloon of Literature Bar Rules

This delightful pic was supplied by one of our esteemed patrons Alexandra Velez. Hats off to you ma’am. Although we don’t actually want to impose any ‘rules’ within the Saloon, we were rather taken with some of the interesting thematic suggestions that the Twittersphere threw up (not literally).

Barkeep Rules Text

We’ve received plenty of suggestions, praise and comments over the last couple of weeks, and may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, from all 3 of us, as we genuinely appreciate every comment. Even the negative comments are good, as they help us improve and force us to think, and there is entirely no shame in being wrong once and a while.

A particular shout out must go to Mr Chris Gilchrist (aka Hitreach) for creating our awesome new header image which he generously volunteered to design. We love it and we love you Chris. Here, have a link.

In this Sunday morning love-fest I will run through some of your suggestions to see if there is any way we can implement them whilst maintaining our high standards dignity character respectability prestige ultimate goal – to provide a relaxed atmosphere where people can voice opinions without fear of being chastised. If you like any of the suggestions, then please SHOUT in the comments so that your voice will be heard. We will definitely be implementing all, some or none of the suggestions very shortly.

I appreciate you are all massively hungover so I will stop blathering on now…


After my first post about SEO conferences, a few people pointed out that the most valuable part of conferences was in the networking:


So what say you, Salooneers? Is this a worthwhile endeavour? Shall we jump on a Google+ hangout and..hang out? Or shall we take it one step further and actually (shock horror) meet up?

Saloon of Literature Anniversary Drinks

I, for one, am in.


We probably should have seen it coming, but some of our tight-arsed favourite customers wanted to set up a tab at the bar:

Free Drinks Tab

Well the good news is that everyone is free to read our posts in The Saloon! We don’t stop there, you can also comment for free, tweet about us for free and (snigger) Google+ us for free. You lucky so and sos. And we promise not to ignore you and everything.

In all seriousness, we have had a few requests from people wanting to write guest posts already. This is awesome. In the future we will definitely be looking for guest writers who bring interesting and unique ideas, but at the moment we are still trying to figure out what The Saloon actually is (part of the rationale for this post). If you have any interesting ideas for guest posts here, get in touch below.

Happy Hour

Before The Saloon was born, we chucked around a few emails about the type of content we wanted to feature. Rather than simply blog post after blog post, we were interested in implementing some discussion panels or forum-type posts. For example, we could put a question out to the community and Salooneers could pitch in with their opinions and comments. We’d not come up with an appropriate name for this, until…

‘Literature Happy Hour’. Genius. Mr Dustin J. Verburg, hat-tip to you sir. So what sort of things could we feature in Happy Hour? Anything really – we could ask ‘hot topic’ questions or present difficult SEO scenarios and ask for ideas and approaches. We would love for it to genuinely help people out in real life situations, even if they couldn’t reveal the full details of the client or scenario. It would be ‘crowdsourced consulting.’

As an example, I had a conversation with Chris Dyson on Twitter the other day where we were discussing scraping tools:

Chris shared a useful tool, which prompted a question from me on a tool I had been looking for. I am pretty sure that this tool will exist, but I can’t find it. In an example Happy Hour we could discuss various tools we have used to complete different jobs. It is not looking to be the canonical resource or ‘the complete list’, rather it would contain details of the individual experiences in their individual scenarios (By the way, if anyone has an answer to this question, then please share in the comments!).

Feedback Please

So hopefully that’s enough to stoke your appetite. If you have any thoughts on the suggestions above, or any new ideas you want us to implement, then please go ahead and comment below. And if you are still suffering from last night’s over-indulgence, why not enjoy a delicious bacon sandwich? (not free)

Bacon Sandwich