#7 – ab?use of authority says..capitalize this

fuck you. i won’t do what you tell me.

i don’t need Zack de la Rocha to sing it out for me. it doesn’t make me a rebel, just an independent thinker.

i respect and pledge allegiance to some authorities actually; particular notions and ideals of authority are agreeable and logical.  but the exercise of such is not always a reflection of those ideals. is it?

when i was eleven-years old, i was working the clock for an elementary-school basketball game.  (indeed, it was cooler to work the clock than to be a player, and ye a story for another time.)  a particular playoff match featured my school versus.  i don’t know the spoils of winning an elementary-school playoff basketball game. i’m sure it’s a swanky enterprise.

my school’s coach, doubling as my reading and math teacher at the time, treasured the final moments ticking off the clock, much like a portly man running to make McDonald’s before the close of the drive-thru portal of delectable delights.

he, much like me being atop inbound,

was influential, in a place of authority.  my teacher slyly approached during an intermission. he wanted me to stop the clock during breaks in play, yet i was instructed to leave the clock running, except for larger breaks in play. those were the rules.

then, due to jocose perversity or a real need to want to win, he mentioned how he would ‘help me out’ with my math grade if i stopped the clock more often, so our team could leverage those extra moments of play to win.  i stopped for a moment and thought…

mostly about playing Super Mario Bros. 3 when i got home.


that’s what i told him (high fives self circa 1990).  fuck him; i didn’t do what he told me. sure, it was of self interest to play his game, possibly raising my math grade, but math is dumb.

moreover, there was a voice inside of me back then and still. it reminds me to recognize the sometimes practiced ironies of authority.  we have a number of ironies taking place in the industry.

do you know what saddens me?  something like this.

this is a peer who aspires to write their own blog but hesitant.  do you know what i told them to say to the notion of keeping from what they care about?  see above.

i hope they don’t bow to some ironic notion of ‘authority’. as if we are in an industry where people would be ashamed or feel not good enough to exchange thought. i hope they don’t make themselves bullied.

we have another animal in the web search room, but this one much discussed.

observing google transgressions is not new.  a number of our peers have expressed disdain for G, going as far as banning it.  however, we can’t dismiss the volume of consumers using the search engine.  it’s smart business to leverage google.  but we, as practitioners, observe the irony; it makes our skin crawl like spiders across an epic-written web page.

we are driven to adhere to the demands of an authority. however, i’m keeping my eyes open toward the real picture.

i observe and respect forms of authority. however, i’m still that eleven-year old boy who observes sometimes associated ironies. i’m a wild, Saloon-writin bandito.  I endeavor to play hard and well within the lines, but don’t get them twisted.

i’ll say, “fuck you. i won’t do what you tell me.”  in some cases, i encourage you to do the same.



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    Iain November 29, 2012

    This isn’t going to be a useful contribution, but I’m very much put in mind of a scene from Monty Python’s excellent Life of Brian:

    Brian: Please, please, please listen! I’ve got one or two things to say.
    The Crowd: Tell us! Tell us both of them!
    Brian: Look, you’ve got it all wrong! You don’t NEED to follow ME, You don’t NEED to follow ANYBODY! You’ve got to think for your selves! You’re ALL individuals!
    The Crowd: Yes! We’re all individuals!
    Brian: You’re all different!
    The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!
    Man in crowd: I’m not…

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    Gisele Navarro Mendez November 29, 2012

    My Thursday needed this lack of capital letters, some good old RATM and a reminder of the best page in the universe. Oh and yes, there’s more to the Internet than this ever-expanding Googlearchy.

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    Michael November 29, 2012


    When people cannot think for themselves and allow others to directly influence their decisions at all times I become sad. Extremely sad. I don’t see a victim though, I see someone who is devoid of self-esteem about what they can accomplish in life.

    No one needs to endure that state of emotion for long periods of time. Think for yourself. Do what YOU believe is best. There is room for influence, but you shouldn’t allow it to dictate every decision you make because you may feel like you have no choice but to say yes.

    This post initially confused me. Once again, see my first sentence. After your words were finally absorbed into by the sponge I like to call “my brain”, I began to see your point. Authority doesn’t equate to absolution.

    • Reply

      thanks for adding your thoughts, Michael, my inhouse choo choo companion (inside #silverspoons joke, readers)

      “this post initially confused me” – i’m hanging that up on my wall forever 🙂

      i think authority always needs to be questioned/challenged. not for the sake of rebellion, but for the benefit of progression. (men in black suits put my name on a list)

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    Dustin Verburg November 29, 2012

    I think it’s hard to not succumb to the bullying when you’re just starting out in SEO and link building. There are so many stodgy traditionalists that just plain don’t want you to break in, have a voice or share a good idea. Fortunately I’m a veteran when it comes to being loud and upsetting people.

    Also, did anyone else always get the mushroom from the treasure box houses in Mario 3? It’s like I could never get a fire flower or a leaf. Ever. And maybe that’s some sort of perverse metaphor for my SEO career, too.

    Also… the leaf is totally overrated. Fire flower is where it’s at. I’ll stick by my unpopular opinions until I die.

    • Reply
      Gisele Navarro Mendez November 29, 2012

      Fire flower FTW.

      • Reply

        racoon suit like a mofo

        • Reply
          Sean November 29, 2012

          Frog suit FTW (except the level where you get to jump around in the boot)

          Dustin I tend to agree but I used to live by the following:

          Normal level = Leaf (find secret areas)
          Underground = Fire flower (lack of space to fly)

          • Reply
            Dustin Verburg November 29, 2012

            Okay, the boot is awesome. It is an adorable green wind-up killing machine. I also love that whole sky castle world (world 5? idk)

            • Reply
              Sean November 30, 2012

              Haha, snap. World 5 is the bomb.

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    Sean November 29, 2012

    By the way congratulations on being part of the SEO influenza 🙂

    I feel sad that anyone would feel that their views aren’t relevant or worth hearing and that’s why I dislike the recent elitist outcry for quality content within the SEO blogosphere. Don’t get me wrong there are some poor articles out there but I’d never deny these people the right to write (lol) I’ve found that writing is the best way to put down ideas and discuss thoughts, so I’ll keep on doing it!

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    Brandon Dennis November 29, 2012

    Also stopped reading because the lack of capitalization distracted me. SHIFT doesn’t take much effort to press!

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      i said i spread joy. i didn’t say it wouldn’t cause mutation. i kind of began reading what you wrote, and then i was like pff..i’m atop inbound influence right now..oh wait, what was Sean writing. i look forward to more dark-ages of discussion and the erection of tyrant effigies. yay cyclical progression.

    • Reply


      {I HEREBY (IN ALL CAPITALS) GRANT BRANDON ONE FREE DRINK AT THE SALOON – this coupon expires within the next two posts, and this portion of the coupon is in lowercase (sorry)}

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    Wayne November 29, 2012

    Hey anthony, great post as usual and I for one loved the Kerouacish way it came across. I don’t usually get that serious at home, work or life but this is something that I can identify with somewhat. I have never been a great writer and often struggle a little in coherently translating what makes sense in my noggin onto paper (or in conversation). I often get anxious when I press the publish button or send something across to a respected blog. I don’t know who you had your conversation with, but I often think I’ll be exposed as some sort of seo charlatan…
    Well, I’m gonna climb down offa this shrinks couch and head to the pub before too many people find out that I have weaknesses…if the person that the muse spoke to sees this…fuck em….publish…now

    **now should I press ‘post comment’?**

    • Reply

      yes, “we” “they” to you, oft discuss your charlatan acts. impressive. :p i’ve felt pressured and vulnerable many times, still do. if you cut the muse, does he not say, ‘hey, that hurt!’?

      you make a good point about communication. it’s cool the web offers a plethora of communicative means. (would you say i have a plethora of communicative means? #3amigosreference) convention makes people think ‘writing’ needs to be the prime mode of web communi, but that’s not true. i enjoy writing; it gives me time to meditate, drink my coffee, and uncomfortably stare at people in cafes. my thoughts are like five-year old children running amok in the playground. it takes time to get them in order and write something down that reads human.

      thank you for always participating, mate. cheers.

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    Emma November 30, 2012

    holy crap. this post is full of some serious nostalgia for me. i grew up with a twin brother who was OBSESSED with Rage and would try to get me to listen, but i told him “fuck you, i won’t do what you tell me”. i immediately wrote it off thinking it was uncool (because obviously anything your sibling thinks is cool is automatically the un-cool-est thing on the planet), but i thoroughly enjoyed the video at the beginning- so thank you for that. *added to Rdio collection*

    and secondly, did you really just link to maddox? i had a minor fit of joy when i saw that. my brother (that same un-cool one) and i used to spend hours on his website when we were wee middle schoolers (don’t tell my mom) and i totally forgot about it until just now. amazed to see he’s still active.

    not sure how you wrote a whole post without caps without going nuts, but i enjoyed it 🙂

    • Reply

      zack is a sharp guy. i’ve appreciated him for some time. i like the impressions concept of bros/sis. that would make for a onion-esque read perhaps.. – i was an only bumpkin, so i took things here and there from my friends’ siblings..mostly beatings and psychological torture.

      i think Revell doubles as maddox as well as other personalities i really dig. clones, shrouds of mystery, and David Bowie may be involved (place obscure Prestige film reference here).

      ha. the lower case lends itself to my message as well as evolves at of using my ipad lately with remote keyboard. i type fast (maybe among the fastest in the Saloon). i noticed characters would appear faster if i didnt press shift. im crafting my environment to my craft #guerillawriter (see dogtown and zboys http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0275309/ )

      thanks for coming by and adding to the conversation, Emma.

    • Reply
      Steve December 1, 2012

      I got to write a bit about Maddox for my university dissertation. It was awesome!

    • Reply
      Dustin Verburg December 4, 2012

      belatedly, Rdio is the best.

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    Alessio November 30, 2012

    Anthony, is that you? I mean, why this post is so short then? 😀

    to me, there are NO influencers. just people who inspire me.
    I’m seeing a lot of so-called “influencers” in social media that don’t know actually a shit (or for sure not more than me) about social medias, but they are the one who are invited on conferences, interviews…

    I strongly think that if you let someone else inspire you, you have a REAL problem, especially when you say: well, you know, he has a lot of points on inbound. really????

    I have a lot of SEOs and not SEOs who inspire me, and that’s the most important thing to me.

    Now, I go back to listen to Yes.

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    Tad Chef November 30, 2012

    Oh my Anthony! You have the Inbound Influenza? Hope you get better soon! Look at Jason, he got the Influenza as well and he is inundated with work. You need more time to write and listen to music!

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    ‘in some “cases,” i encourage you to do the same.’ you..i see what you did.

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    Steve December 1, 2012

    It’s very sad to hear about the “Dbag” – I hope shout friend gets past their complex and shows them a thing or two about “real SEO” soon.

    I had a fellow SEO call me “worthless” a few years back, when I’d only been doing it for 1-2 years – as in my experience/know-how was worthless because I was still very new to the industry. But you know what? Fuck him. I’m pleased with my progress. I wonder if he’d still say it now? Perhaps not.

    • Reply
      Steve December 1, 2012

      your friend* – damn phone-typing! 🙂

    • Reply
      Sean December 2, 2012

      “Worthless”? Wow, that’s quite a reaction. Regardless of your ability now or at the time the guy is an obvious twat (If it was me then I can confirm this to be true.)

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    Patrick Hathaway December 1, 2012

    Anthony this is a cool post (I apologise for my tardiness I have been busy. Also I am always late for everything). The problem with the whole influencer/influencee (is there a real word for that?) scenario is that too many people want to be told what to do. Lot of people are looking for definitive ‘do this’ advice. Which both makes them susceptible to bad advice (from influencers) and less willing/able to explore their own ideas.

    A bit like learning how to look after a new baby I suppose. Us new parents want to hear ‘this is the way to solve your problem’, but every baby is different and unique and so they react differently. You just have to suck it up and figure out what works. I have always felt that failure is the best way to learn something, and sometimes this means letting your baby piss on his own head 3 times before you figure out how to deal with it.

    P.S. Who influenced you to keep capitals for proper nouns? That mofo must be one influential cat.

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