#10 – Most Memorable Posts of 2012

One of the most inspiring posts for me last year was a piece about content recall by AJ Kohn, where he argued that we should strive to produce content that is memorable, rather than simply ‘great’. This post led me to change the way I think about content so much so that I changed our in-house guidelines for content production (at my real job, I mean).

AJ Kohn Content Recall

Here at The Saloon we like to challenge convention, and we also like to challenge ourselves. Convention dictates that these annual round-up posts offer a wide range of carefully curated blog posts that have been heavily researched and lovingly presented. We challenged ourselves to discard these shackles and simply remember.

Without using Google, bookmarks or Twitter to inspire us, we each had to come up with three titles that had such an impact on us that the content recall was almost immediate. AJ’s post is a given, so Anthony, Sean and myself will each give you 3 more. What we are sharing, in this short but hopefully sweet collection, is our experience. As this is so subjective, it is likely that many of you may have different opinions about the ‘most memorable’ posts of the year. This is great, ney, inevitable. We implore you to share yours in the comments below, and garnish them with your thoughts on why you found them so memorable and how they influenced you.

Patrick’s Memorable Posts of 2012

1 – The Secret Diary of an Inbound Marketer by Sean Revell
My first one is an easy one, and so much more than a simple hat tip to my colleague Mr Revell. More than helping me discover this wonderfully gifted writer and friend, this post opened my eyes to a world of new opportunities online. It gave me a sense of freedom and made me question my actions. When I first read this post I’d been in internet marketing for around 8 months, and though I’d been blown away by the sharing nature of the community, I had also become swept up in this ‘inbound marketing bubble’. I had become a bit of a sheep, and this post really helped me step away from the flock and embrace my individuality. Thank you Sean.

2 – Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy & Viral?! by Dan Shure
What a wonderful title for a post. And what a truly outstanding collection of advice on title-writing. This is probably the blog post I have revisited most in my career – whenever I need some help with a title, i just fire this bad boy up. If you have read it and it didn’t add a shitload of value then you must not have eyes. Seriously, this post is Ogilvy-like in its brilliance and will be a valuable resource for years to come.

3 – Forum Participation Rubric for Ecommerce Link Building by Don Rhoades
Among a host of great posts about content marketing and link building for convertible traffic rather than rankings, this one really stood out for me. Don delves into the untapped value that niche forums can offer ecommerce sites – where that value relates to direct sales – and outlines a rubric to qualify prospects and determine actions. It is subtle, yet extremely powerful, and quite clearly demonstrates that Mr Rhoades is a highly intelligent marketer.

The only thing bad about this post is it’s title (Don, see #2 above…)

Sean’s Memorable Posts of 2012

1 – How to Create a Link Strategy (For Real) by Michael Martinez
Michael at SEO Theory has been one of the biggest influences on my ‘career’ and how I look to define a service. This post in particular discusses link building and strategy far beyond what you would see on your average SEO blog. At the end of the day take everything you read with a pinch of salt but there are some I believe more than others. Michael is one of those chosen few.

2 – Crowdfunding – The Overlooked SEO Link Building Strategy by Chris Gilchrist
Easily the most underrated post of 2012. An SEO technique that I think could really be useful in terms of developing future relationships and obviously gaining links. Chris has written some smart posts over the last year but this one definitely deserved a better readership. Want to create relevant links that your competitors aren’t getting for a relatively small price? Look no further.

3 – Authority Bloat: An SEO Industry Problem by Ross Hudgens
Unsurprisingly this is one of my favourite posts, Ross is one of the smartest and most professional SEO’s out there. This post puts across how important it is to create something of true value that is non replicable by your competitors. This to me is the truth and the future of online marketing. Read it, digest it and improve your campaigns in 2013. I also advise you read, listen and watch these.

Anthony’s Memorable Posts of 2012

1 – Creating relations and a buzz about your business takes strategy and delicate care. 92 Ways to Get (and Maximize) Press Coverage by Chris Winfield is a solid how-to pr piece, which is rooted in classic methods, yet the delivery and maxims hold true in the digital age.

2 – This is a presentation, and if/when I get a hold of a live video, I’ll change it out. The name says it all – How to Build a Large, Passionate Audience from Scratch (by Rob Woods). It takes you from conception, to identifying consumers/personas, to segmenting/differentiating channels/approach, to application and measurement.

3 – Time for some action – The Templates You Need to Create Actionable SEO Audit Reports by Aleyda Solis. It’s not about ‘how’ to conduct an audit, though resources are within. It visually maps out an overall assess/address management system, that if followed, will make progress.


  1. Reply
    Don Rhoades (@TheGonzoSEO) January 3, 2013


    I appreciate your praise and criticism. A word about the title in my defense: It was originally titled “Joseph Decreaux link building for eCommerce”, then it was “Build Links for eCommerce Conversion Traffic” – I just left it up to the publisher since he wasn’t a fan of either of those. I don’t write enough to have put much thought into the title, and not sure that I cared to get unqualified clicks on that piece. Something I’ll certainly consider in the future. Thanks again for the compliments and the constructive critique.

    • Reply
      Patrick January 3, 2013

      Haha fair play. My comment about the title was definitely NOT motivated by the fact that I didn’t know what rubric meant before I read your post. 100% not.

    • Reply
      Sean January 4, 2013

      Don, I would of added your post to my 3 but Patrick stole it first. I wouldn’t have been so wickedly harsh about the title though… The great thing about your post was that it made people (me) think outside of the box. “Hey I could actually get some excellent traffic that converts from something else than Google!” #Who’dAThunkIt?

      I’ll actually be bookmarking this for future consumption 🙂

  2. Reply

    this is my real job .. good picks Patrick and Sean

  3. Reply
    Chris Gilchrist January 3, 2013

    Guys thank you for not only including me on here but for all the stuff you’ve produced last year. A great combination of thoughtful, blunt, outrageous, funny and clever. Bravo and encore gentlemen.

    • Reply
      Patrick January 3, 2013

      Cheers Chris and thank you for all your support (for those that don’t know, Chris here very kindly designed our logo). And a very worthy post, great suggestion from Sean.

    • Reply

      thanks, Chris – we appreciate and accept that observation 🙂

    • Reply
      Sean January 4, 2013

      No problem Chris, really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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    AJ Kohn January 3, 2013

    Ross Hudgen’s Authority Bloat was one I remember because he was able to crystallize something I’ve preached for years but hadn’t expressed well: build tough to replicate link profiles.

    There were four others that stick my memory as follows.

    Writing for Cognitive Ease
    There’s so much that can be accomplished by simply making it easier for people to interact with your content.

    Authority Building with HARO
    I hadn’t really thought of using HARO this tactically but knew immediately that I should be. It’s on my recommended list for clients now along with Muck Rack.

    Command Line for SEO
    It’s not that I didn’t already know about and do this from time to time, it just reminded me that it’s not that tough and I should be pushing my client teams to implement Googlebot tracking.

    Are You Providing Answers To Magic Questions
    I’m still not sure I like the magic questions terminology but this was one fo the first posts that seemed to dovetail with my own ideas on SEO. That it’s about understanding intent and delivering both relevance and value – that value often being the complementary information or features that they might not have searched for but will surely want.

    Despite these gems, the sad part is … my list of memorable posts was rather short.

    • Reply
      Sean January 4, 2013

      Hey AJ, thanks for the recommendations, will definitely be checking these out.

      It is a shame that people don’t seem to remember many posts throughout the year. Probably is something worth writing about at some point.

  5. Reply
    Patrick January 4, 2013

    Thanks for dropping by AJ and sharing those posts.

    The cognitive ease post is really enlightening, and I have just emailed myself the HARO one to investigate further at work tomorrow.

    I agree that it’s a shame that there isn’t really that many posts we find truly memorable, but is so pleasing to see that the type of posts being shared are ones that help us improve online experiences – without the word PageRank in sight!

  6. Reply
    Wayne Barker January 4, 2013

    Right, over on that Tweet site (whatever it is called) that there content muse just asked to drop a few of my favourites straight of the top of my noggin, the ones that stuck in my brain waves so here goes:

    Chris Dyson and his pals talking about link building and bashing that bad boy into a lovely post:http://www.cucumbernebula.com/blog/an-open-discussion-on-the-current-state-of-link-building/

    Peter Attia being naughty: http://www.cucumbernebula.com/blog/9-evil-ways-to-build-links/

    Aleyda Solis listing a whole bunch of tools for improving your productivity, which has lead to me spending more hours not working than I care to imagine: http://www.aleydasolis.com/en/search-engine-optimization/seo-productivity-tools/

    Matt Gratt talking about the powers of persuasion in link building and outreach: http://www.buzzstream.com/blog/improving-link-building-response-rates-with-persuasive-psychology.html

    I’m just realising that as I write these I have to go back and find all the posts…

    Anthony gets a load of people to comment on his blog: http://anthonypensabene.com/2012/07/10/what-you-comment-upon-now-echoes-in-bar-crawl-commentary/

    Copypressed knock together a good guide for outreach that is good to give to newbies: http://www.copypress.com/blog/outreach-specialists-bible/

    The cheeky monkey whoo inspired this post gives us lessons in making shit readable: http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/readability-and-seo

    Bill Sebald dumps a load of people: http://greenlaneseo.com/blog/2012/07/things-i-learned-by-flushing-3000-followers/

  7. Reply

    i always wondered why bobby brown didn’t get more recognition from his acting in ghostbusters ii .. really has nothing to do with anything, and yet a genius inquisition in some parallel universe i’m sure.


    ..that is all.

  8. Reply

    has anyone clicked on Sean’s “listen” link? sometimes i think Sean’s left a hidden, eternal nirvana behind one of his links, and then i’m like, “why did the barkeep place a big glass of water in front of me just now?”

    • Reply
      Wayne January 6, 2013

      Dilla, MF doom…I’m in

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