#13 – Using Gmail and Free Haro Emails for PR Success

How do consumers qualify your brand as a reputable source and consistent supplier of sought goods and services?

Your products and services ‘need speak for themselves,’ but before purchase your brand needs to make a great impression.

What kinds of qualifiers presently strengthen your brand?

This brand celebrates its grace upon the pages of the New York Times.  Of course, the exposure is a huge win, additionally allowing the brand to remind future readers of the profile.

Who wouldn’t want the exposure in addition to the ‘as seen in’ trophy, qualifying the brand and making an impression on present and future consumers?

HARO, help a reporter out, hosts reporter and editor queries, creating great PR opportunity for those who can use it well.

To start, sign up for free email alerts from HARO from the service’s homepage.

Emails feature several categories, such as Business and Finance,

but best practice warrants finding those most befitting to one’s PR wishes.

Do you have time to search through multiple emails per day while attending to core business matters?

Search operation increases time efficiency when owners do not have preferred in-house or third party PR direction and service.  Furthermore, using operators sheds light upon queries placed in obscure categories or emailed at inopportune times. 

Search Operators

Creating a separate Gmail account allows for expedited roving.  Gmail search operators help identify key terms and brand associations.

For example, a busy head officer may not have time for searching HARO emails in the diligent manner success warrants.  But one searching for a real estate query, as featured above, may latently find it by exercising the following search operation:

From:HARO “real estate”

This elicits all emails from HARO with real estate appearing in text.  Moreover, one can further define.

Combine real estate with other terms such as ‘California’ like so:

From:HARO(real estate California)

This elicits all emails from HARO with real estate AND California in text.

However, even with the provided power of accelerated perusal, timing needs more attention regarding key terms and phrases; particular key terms are worthy of immediate alert.

For additional help, see this search operators resource.

Key Terms and Alerts

Attention to timing is precedent in PR.  Aside from search operation, alerts aligned with key terms need further attendance.  Create an email filter for your business’ key terms and phrases.

For example, here we’re setting a filter for all emails coming from HARO with the key phrase, “green energy” in text.

Being extra attentive to queries accelerates chances of having offered insight selected and your brand featured.

We can archive, star, and forward queries to chosen addresses.

Outside Counsel

Sometimes business owners and smaller outfits do not have the opportunity to field live PR opportunities, asking third parties for aid in crafting good pitches and addressing reporters’ time-sensitive queries.

Rather than hire an ongoing service or in-house PR person, business owners can create a separate Gmail account allowing outside parties access; the third-party may act as both a counselor and as a brand-associated PR person, increasing the professionalism of the exchange.

Summing Up

Benefits of PR include:

–          Increased sales

–          Ongoing brand relevance

–          Expression of brand strength and authority

In-house PR people and third-party agencies come at cost, but leveraging free and available resources, such as Gmail and HARO produce PR success as well.

–          Use search operators, unearthing specified queries related to important key terms and publications.

–          Instill processes of increased urgency for special brand-focused terms and phrases, forwarding messages and further filtering them.

–          Consider using outside counsel to strengthen pitches and increase expressed professionalism.



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My Name is Willie. Recognize. This is MY place…along with Revell, Hathaway, and Pensabene (I taught that dude all he knows about PR by the way.)  I write just to get links; because, really, that’s how businesses have succeeded since the beginning of time..by attracting links.  Forget PR, exposure, making impressions, and CONVERSIONS.  It’s about links and creating fake, transparent relationships.

I observe some people in SEO (and their clients) to be quite full of shit, saying whatever it takes to put cash in pocket while trying so hard to make others think well of them.  I’ve been around the block a time or two; I smell something foul in the state of online marketing. 😉 (But, what the fuck do I know- I’m just a toy action figure.) Ta-ta for now, kids.

[You can find my partner in writing crime, Anthony, writing here, Content Muse, and SkyrocketSEO.]


  1. Reply
    Anthony Pensabene (or Content Muse when dressed in costume) March 19, 2013

    nice job, Willie. don’t hold back your true feelings. ftw. i taught you some pr thingz..

  2. Reply
    Patrick March 19, 2013

    Will (can I call you Will?), it is a shame to see you believe only in linkbuilding from your bio, and you’re giving us all this valuable advice just to appease the masses. You must drink the Google juice pretty hard.

    Regardless, I like the technique you outline for identifying valuable HARO queries. I’ve not really experimented with HARO myself, does it serve the UK or just the US? Have you built successful linkbuilding campaigns off the back of HARO exposure?

    • Reply
      Anthony March 19, 2013

      i’m not sure what marketing methods willie subscribes to in consistency. he’s tough to read.

      willie prefers ‘willie’ (or ‘mc coltrain’ when he’s drunk – not sure what the story is behind that.) i would reckon that a lot of business-related queries would not altogether be geo-specific, though i would suggest toying with one’s state (american) .. i’m not familiar with uk or other international platforms, Patrick.

      to be honest, without being able to go into intense specifics, yes, i’ve gotten good traction and pr for brands and personalities by responding to reporters and editors on platforms such as haro and others (pr newswire).

      • Reply
        Anthony Pensabene (or Content Muse when dressed in costume) March 19, 2013

        also.. ‘link building’ .. not all the time.. but helped get people in mainstream business publications both in print and online .. from an anecdotal perspective.. it produced a lot of leads and authority for the brand

        • Reply
          Patrick March 20, 2013

          To be fair, it is one hell of a personal brand.

          It seems somewhat counter-linbuilder-intuitive in a way that you are brand-building simply by responding to someone else’s request, but a much more wholesome way to do business.

          I must investigate.

  3. Reply
    Se▲n March 20, 2013

    Clever stuff Willie, clever stuff.

    I’ve been instadeleting these HARO emails because of their sheer bulk. From now on I promise to review them for related terms. Honest!

  4. Reply
    Chris March 20, 2013

    I like Willie – he’s like that Nick Eubanks fella as he just drinks all the Google Juice!

  5. Reply

    […] enjoy using HARO now and again.  Reporters and editors need insight and content for upcoming stories.  HARO allows […]

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